About Us

  1951:    Establishment of the Company by the name "Angello Angelidis Sons" located in the center of Athens, merchants of papers and packaging materials.

  1993:    Nikos Angelidis, son of the founder, established a new company "N. Angelidi's Sons" imported and sold papers for the Graphic Arts (printing papers).

 1997:    The old parent company merges with "N. Angelidi's Sons" and continues with one main title "Angelidis SA"

  1998:    Fotis Georgakopoulos who has also been operating in the same field of paper related companies from 1985, joins the Company as a full partner with an agreed capital increase thus creating the new company "Angelidis- Georgakopoulos SA".

  The same year the new company, in order to broaden its clientele and to merchandise new grades of papers, proceed with the acquisition of the company "Faistos SA".

  1999:    The company "IRIS PRINTING AEBE" of the group "D.O.L. A.E." and "Pegasos A.E." acquires the 50% of the shares of the company with a capital increase. Consequently, "Angelidis - Georgakopoulos AEBE" covers the needs in paper of the above two companies thus becoming the biggest paper merchant in Greece.

  2000:    The operation of the company is extended to Northern Greece with the acquisition of 60% of the shares of the company "Interhart SA", based in Thessalonica, for the needs of the local paper market. At the same time the company expands in Southern Greece by placing a permanent salesman in Patras in order to cover Western Greece as well.

  2002:   In the fall of this year the shareholders of the original company decided to acquire all their shares of the company "Lambrakis Enterprises". By the end of the same year, the company independent by now plans a productive and dynamic future.

  At the same time and within these lines of strategy enters the company enlarges its products range with photocopy, sanitary, and household papers.

  2003:   After 10 years long and successful co-operation the shareholders of the company decide the acquisition of the company "METAXAS special Papers" aiming to cover the market of the specialty papers more effectively.

  2006:   In order to cover the immediate needs in papers of the Western Greece's market, it was decided to open and operate a warehouse in Patras. 

  2007:   "AGI paper Ltd" a totaly owned subsidiary was established based in Lefkosia Cyprus.

  2008:   The subsidiary company "Interhart A.E." establishes its own subsidiary in Larissa.

  2009:   For reasons of International Recognition and communication the change of the name of the company was decides and thus "Angelidis - Georgakopoulos AEBE" becomes "A&G Paper AEBE". At the same time a new subsidiary was created in Thessaloniki for the sales of papers that are not sold by "Interhart A.E."

  2010:   A Warehouse is established in Heraklion Creta to cover the immediate needs in paper of the island.