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A&G Paper S.A., a paper Merchant and Converter, covers the needs of the Greek market dynamically and reliably.

Merchant and Paper Converter

Offices and Krioneri Warehouse
21st km Athens - Lamia National Road, 14568 Krioneri
Tel:+30-210.6247.100     Fax: +30-210.6247.200
email: AnG@AnGpaper.gr
Mobile Tel. Line: +30-6942.291.540

Thessaloniki Warehouse
5 Pontou str, 57009 Kalohori Thessaloniki
Tel:+30-2310.570.600    Fax:+30-2310.570.034

Patra Warehouse
1 Stadiou str, Ag. Stefanos Saravalio, 26500 Patra
Tel:+30-2610.520.509    Fax:+30-2610.520.709

Crete Warehouse
Thesi Mavra Harakia, Kalithea, 71601 Heraklion Crete
Tel:+30-2810.333.703   Fax:+30-2810.333.704

Offices and Thessaloniki Warehouse
  8th km Thessaloniki-Lagada Rd, 56403 Thessaloniki
Tel:+30-2310.680.380    Fax:+30-2310.692.916

Larissa Warehouse
  7th km. Larissa-Farsala Rd, 41000 Larissa
Tel:+30-2410.922.272   Fax:+30-2410.922.216

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