Our Facilities

   Fast and efficient order delivery, as well as warehouse flexibility and distribution are the key elements for the company's success. Substantial support for all the above accomplishes by the company's installations as follows:

1. 11.000 sq.m. Building-plot where we completed our premises in 2002. There you find, 800 sq.m. of the main offices, and 10.200 sq.m. of warehouse which can store up to 8.000 ton of paper in sheets.

Energy conservation research has taken place under the supervision of the National University of Athens for the above particular premises, concerning the maximum power savings as well as the pleasant working conditions for the employees.

2. 13.500 sq.m. storage installation of collaborating Logistics company located in Aspropyrgos which offers the potential storage of up to 8.000 ton of paper mostly in reels.

3. Rented warehouse in Thessaloniki 1000 sq.m.

4. Rented warehouse in Patras 800 sq.m.

5. Rented warehouse in Crete 1200 sq.m.