The company owns 7 nationwide warehouses, of 30.500 m², which enables it to store up to 25.000 tons of merchandise.

In more detail:


A&G maintains 3 plants in Athens, in the Kryoneri area, covering 24.000 m², designed with storage flexibility and with the ability to move large volumes of goods. They are built to consume little energy on the one hand and on the other hand to provide the best possible working conditions for its employees.

In parallel and in order to offer to our customers the best possible service, the company has offices:

  • In Thessaloniki (2.500 m2)
  • In Heraklion Crete (750 m2)



Through its subsidiary "Interhart SA", the company can serve its clients in Graphic Arts Paper for the region of Northern Greece, as it maintains warehouses:

  • In Thessaloniki (2.500 m²)
  • In Larissa (750 m²)